Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher

Past Life Regression Therapy

Who were you in a past life?  Do you have past life memory you wish to explore? 

There are many reasons you may wish to explore one or more of your past lives.              Many ancient cultures believe in reincarnation so the soul can grow and evolve to the point it doesn't need to come back anymore as it has reached its wisdom and evolution.                      I have personlly been interested in past lives as an adult because as a child I would draw pictures of war ships as Galleons with cannons.  I was fascinated by them...... I had no idea why!   Through my work I have met clients who have asked me about their own experiences in past life memories and that of their children.  I love to hear these stories and they just confirm my own beliefs.  


The place that all this information is stored is the subconscious mind, of which takes up 90% of our brain.  The subconscious is the place of daydreams, dreams and nightmares.  It is our psychic abilities and the ability to meditate.  Your subconscious mind is having a whole secret conversation you know nothing about to try to protect you in very creative ways.                      Its a treasure trove of past life memory that is full of joy and happiness but also of sadness and trauma.  


Qualified in regression therapy I use hypnotherapy as a way of relaxing you enough we together can allow the subconscious to begin to share its memories from your past in this life time and in Past Lives of times gone by.   


You can have this therapy just for fun because you are as fascinated as me or because you have a love of certain era, culture, country, religion, dreams that you can't understand or have fears and phobias you can't explain.  Its possible to have unexplained pain, weird feelings, sensations the professionals cannot find a cause for or find a way of helping.  Its possible you fear water, fire or like me falling down the stairs and of fire - I can't explain why.                Your life now may have caused OCD, not being able to sleep, have a lack of confidence and just dont feel like you belong on the earth and don't conform.  A past life may be the cause of these issues.



Trauma from this life or from a past lives leaves a permanent imprint on our DNA locked into our minds but also effects the body and this too is absorbed and held onto with each incarnation.


 Sigmund Freud realised that by giving the subconscious a voice, decisions and choices could instigate wellbeing.  He realised that past trauma and symptoms you have right now were connected and since the 1970s it has been a more valued as an important technique to find resolution to all kinds of problems.   

                                                                                                                                                   Dr Brian Weiss, Sylvia Brown and Denise Linn have all had great experiences as trained hypnotherapists, with clients who have greatly benefited from the therapy in the USA.            They have written many books, all of which reside like valued members of my family on my bookshelf. 


*Can everyone be hypnotised? - Yes, but its a different experiance for everyone, as it is your subconscious the directs us and we are all different and work in different ways.                        My belief is that what ever is meant to be experienced will be. 


Important Notes.... 

* This therapy does not replace the need for you to seek professional advice and I cannot diagnose or say I can cure or heal anything.

* This practice is for over 18's only and I cannot use on someone with serious mental health problems, diganosed or not and on anyone who suffers epilepsy.


*  The therapy will be fully explained to you, and the experiance recorded on MP3 and I will take notes of any thing significant to discuss after.                                                                             * It must be conducted in my home so you must attend in person alone.  

* I require you to not be under the influence of alcahol or recreational drugs or I will not conduct the practise and have the right to refuse.  

* If you are unwell I ask you not to attend and to rebook your appointment. 

* Government recommendations for covid will be adheard too. 




Marcie Jan 22 - these are Marcies words copied and pasted. 


I am very open minded and I have been to Paula numerous times before. When she mentioned Past Life Regression I was apprehensive, but I thought I'd give it a go, and I'm so glad I did!

Paula made me feel incredibly welcome and at ease the moment I stepped in her door, she explained everything and we got stright to into it. The session was amazing, however the after effects have genuninely changed my life,  after struggling to get over an ex partner for two years, I thought I never would. With the past life regression and Paula's guidance I am now able to move forward in my life.  I've also struggled with OCD (in particular excessive hand washing) since I was very young.  I was very sceptical as its something I've never been able to overcome, even with counselling.  However since the session I have stopped excessively washing my hands and the intrusive thoughts rarely enter my head!  This has been absolutely incredible and I am forever grateful.                                                                        Paula is the kindest amd most amazing lady I have met. To anyone who is struggling please get Past Life Regression!


Naomi Dec 2021 - written and pasted as was given to me


Past life regression testimonial for Paula Fisher

When Paula asked me if I would like to be a case study for her past life regression course, I must admit I was very nervous. I have never had past life regression done on myself but it has always been something that I have been interested in. When I arrived at Paulas she made me feel very welcome, she explained how the session was going to be step by step, which immediately made me feel more relaxed. The room was set up lovely, and she created a wonderful atmosphere for me to get the best experience. Whilst being put into a state of hypnosis I could feel myself gently relaxing, Paula kept checking in with me to make sure I was ok. I seemed to bounce all over the place different time periods and places. There seemed to be lots of domineering men throughout my session. Looking back on my experience I think the lesson for me to learn was to take control of my life not let the men in my life dictate and rule me. I feel far more confident in myself since the session, which has made a huge impact on my life and my relationship has taken on a better balance. Since having this session with Paula I have definitely felt more empowered and take charge of my life. I am even getting good at making decisions for myself. Paula remained calm, focused and professional throughout the session. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking past life regression or the numerous other therapies she has to offer. Paula is a truly inspirational person and I wish her the very best of luck on her new journey.    Naomi







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