Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher

Dr Edward Bach

Edward Bach qualified as a doctor in 1912, and with varied experience he realised that his patients all had an emotional element to their ill health. His philosphy was to treat the person who had the disease and not to treat the disease the person had. Dr Bach connected a patients insecurities, fears, anger and emotional responce to the dis-ease within the body.  He believed in the power of all that has a life force energy in nature that the universe provides for us to heal is all around us.  A simple but effective approach and one our ancient cultures also believed.  He was a very intuitive and 'Spiritual' man.


He moved to Oxforshire in 1934 to a beautiful cottage with a garden to match.  He dedicated his life to an intuition that told him the answers lie in the beauty and life force within the our countryside. He had already travelled our beautiful English and Welsh countryside to discover the first twelve emotional healers.  In his own cottage garden he found the rest and ended up with the 38 Remedies we know today. The 38 remedies are split into seven mood groups and cover all emotional reactions we can have in our lives.  293 million different combinations of remedies can be made from the 38 remedies.

He once said  " Final and complete healing will come from within, from the soul itself"  and Hippocrates once said 

" I would rather know the type of person who has a disease than the type of disease a person has".



Who can take Bach Flower Remedies? 

Dr Bach wanted his flower remedies to be used by everyone.  They are gentle and of nature.

They can be used by anyone from the "Young at heart",  Adults, Teenagers, Children, Babies, Pets and our environment. They can be used as a prevention rather then cure, the moment you feel you or your loved one is showing an emotional reaction or change in natural balance.  The remedies can support whilst going through change from being pregnant, to moving house, changeing school, grief or sadness for what ever reason.  Everyone is challenged in life on some level in some way and these little flower remedies can sit in your pocket and gently hold your hand in support to give you Confidence, Strength, Joy, Balance, Peace, Guidance, Cleansing, Letting go, Love, Fearlessness, Clarity to name but a few positives.  Please do not suffer in silence, peace within brings peace of mind, body and spirit.  Just like standing in the the most beautiful place you have ever been and soaking up the energy of it on all levels.  Breathing it in to fill your soul.  Bliss!

Your Consultation 

The first consultation with me will be the longest as I have to take a history.

 I will need to know how you feel now!  So perhaps before we meet think a little about the main problem you have or how your health problem makes you feel at this time.  

*What is happening in your life right now !

*What has happened to make you feel this way!  

*What do you know that is going to happen, that you are pre-empting! 

As you speak I will write key words down that will help to identify the remedy/remedies you may need.

I will then make the tincture for you and place it in a little organza bag, including a small instruction leaflet on how to take the tincture made for you. 



Remedies are preserved in Brandy or Vodka with 2 thirds spring water.   The alcohol will evaporate in hot fluids, but the remedy remains.  Scientifically its known that water has a memory, so to add your remedy to water, it then multiplies.  Only 2 to 3 drops are needed from each remedy for this reason. 


The remedies are picked intuitively and spiritually after consultation with you.  The remedies can be taken internally, rubbed on the wrist, put into drinks or on food, put into creams and lotions for topical application, put in a bath, carried in a pocket, placed in a bag ( away from a mobile), placed under a pillow.  The remedy has an energy and is like a little battery emitting its healing property. 

Its best to continue to take it until you reach the end of the remedy (usually 2-3 weeks) and notice the changes you feel at this time.  They have an energetic effect on your life as the ripple effect comes from yourself through to your outer self and the energy your life carries.              Bringing Balance and Peace on all levels.    



To book an appointment you just need to phone my mobile no, text me or contact me through Face Book.  I am happy to have a one to one consultation with you or to have a telephone or Skpe consultation.  Please allow an hour for the first consultation and allow 30 mins for each there after.  

First consultaion inc the remedy and postage ( for phone consultations or Skype)..........£15

Any consultation there after (30 mins ish) ....................................................................................£13


TESTIMONIALS - As written from my reviews from my Face Book Page



5th Aug ***** from DD ( Bach Flower Remedies)

Well what can I say

These Bach remedies have made a huge difference to me, especially around my hormonal cycle, but in all aspects of my life!!

The balance and calm it’s created is beyond what I expected, I feel the best I’ve felt in years. Truly truly grateful!!

If you are thinking of giving this ago, please do not hesitate any further x x



March 21 ***** from KW – (Bach Flower Remedies)


I have suffered from the menopause symptoms for ages and not wanting to take HRT I was recommended Paula from a friend. The best thing I ever did. After a chat with Paula I was sent my remedy. I now sleep and my anxiety is so much better, thanks so much Paula xx


April 20 ***** from ER - (Bach Flower Remedy)

Thank you so much Paula for putting together a flower remedy for me. It has made such a difference and something I never thought of using before. It’s amazing what a difference it can make in such a quick amount of time! Definitely recommend and will be back when I run out. Your the best thank you xx






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If I do not answer I'm working so please text.  

Look Forward to your text. 




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