Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher

Indian Head Massage

What Is Indian Head Massage 

An extremely effective therapy that has evolved from traditional methods practiced still in India today.  Its practice has been passed down from ancestors through the family and within villages.  The treatment involves massage to the upper back, shoulders,, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. The treatment is carried out the client in a sitting, upright position.


Its origins come from the ancient system of AYURVEDA from about 1800BC and was developed by the holy men (Rishi).  It has become part of daily life in Indian families ever since.  


Indian head massage works with -

Chakra's -  We have 7 major chakras. Due to trauma they can easily become unbalanced or                    blocked.  Massage may clear, cleanse and balance the throat, brow and                                  crown  chakra's. It may bring calm and peace to the mind, body and spirit. 

Meridians-  I liken to the national grid of the body - Our electrical system that is connected to                    all our major organs.  These electrical systems can become blocked and need                        clearing.  All the major meridian points are found in the head and through

                   massaging, may help your body to heal itself. 

Lymph Glands - By massaging the lymph glands it is possible to release toxins and flush the                            glands, which may assist with all the above to help your body heal itself. 


Physical Benefits:

General and specific relaxation to muscles bringing immediate relief to knots and release toxins. May relieve acute and chronic neck and shoulder stiffness and joint mobility.

Loosens the scalp, relaxes the whole body.  Increases oxygen to skin tissue and improves blood circulation to the muscles. Increases oxygen to the brain. Stimulates and improves the circulation of the lymphatic system and disperses toxins.  

May bring relief to: Earcahe,tinnitis eye strain.  Aching jaws, sinusitis and congestion. Tensions headaches, migraine, insomnia.  For hair disorders such as hair loss, alopecia, dandruff, psoriasis, scalp tension. 


Mental Benefits:

Brings calm, peace and tranquility together with soft peaceful music, candle light and an angelic ambiance.  Therefore aiding the release of any anxiety and stress, lifting depression, lack of motivation and despondency.  Feeling the fears, insecurities and worries just drift off your shoulders literally.  Helping you to release mental tiredness, with renewed clarity and just feeling more alert.


Spiritual Benefits:

During this whole relaxing experience the massage works to clear all the chakra energy systems, meridians connected to all major organs, cleansing and clearing. Motivating your own body to heal itself n all levels.  This is your time to let go, release and rebalance in a natural way.  The angelic environment may help you to just be in that moment, let go of time and pressure and find peace. All part of the rebalancing of energy and raising vibration. 



Being a reiki practitioner and Master Reiki is automatically channelled whilst massage takes place.  Reiki channels 'Universal life force energy' and again works on the chakra energy systems, bringin balance to the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels of the body. 


Indian head massage can be practiced with or without oils and almost in any environment, at work, in your own home or in mine.  Adding oils into the practice makes the massage more relaxing with, the added benefits of the oils. 


Oils used:

Argon oil - this is a very popular oil to use in Indian head massage.  Its non greasy and works well of frizzy or dry hair.  I recommend that the oil is left in the hair over night.  it gives your hair plenty of time to fully absorb the benefits of the oil.  Sleep with a towel on your pillow.  It isn't overly oily so don't be too worried. 


Jasmin Oil

This is the traditional oil used for Indian head massage in India.

It is naturally anti-septic and works well on the skin for dermatitis, eczema and scars. It may lift feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, aid insomnia and snoring, raise the libido.  It may ease facial spasm, ease coughs and balance the mentstral cycle.                                                (not to be used on pregant women)


Rose Oil 

Is well know as an oil of beauty. Aiding youthful skin by improving skin texture, health and tone. It is known to be anti-infection and anti-viral. Aids muscle spasm and cramps.  It may help to boost your confidence, lift depression, nervousness and libido.  On an emotional level it is said to heal the heart. (not to be used on pregnant women)




£25 for a 30 min treatment (why not really spoil yourself and have a reading too)

Usual price £35 


NB: Please note that by law I cannot diagnose ill health or say I can cure.  I have to use the word 'MAY' throughout and always advise clients to seek prefessional medical advice. 


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