Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher


Healing - A treatment is a combination of Spiritual and Reiki healing. 

As I am a medium I have the ability to channel healing energy that is all love and pulls on all that is 'Universal Life Force Energy' that is Reiki.  Because I work with angelic forces I find that clients often tell me of seeing and feeling angelic presence and seeing beautiful colours.


Your first treatment will be the longest so allow one and a half hours as I have to take a history.


A Healing Environment is very important! My room is light, warm and homely. Candles, crystals and flowers help you to feel as if you are in a safe and angelic place. As you lay on my therapy bed you can relax and step out of all you want to let go of.


What happens?  I will talk you into a place of relaxation and I will then scan your Chakra energy system and then work my way down your body either laying hands on or just above your body.

I channel the healing energy and allow your body to take it to where it is needed, just like a plant being watered and its roots taking what the plant needs to where it is needed.  I will ask you to turn onto your front and then work down the back of your body from head to toe.


What will I feel?  This will vary with each client!  You may feel heat, cold tingly, very relaxed, sleepy, emotional, fizzing or nerves and muscles flinching.  Or nothing at all, which doesn't mean its not working........


What shall I wear?  something very loose and comfy, nothing tight, shoes that are easy to remove and not too much jewellry or perfume.  I suggest a light meal if you need to eat.


After my treatment  I will leave you to come back mentally to the room and make you sit for a minuite to ground yourself.  We will then discuss what we both experienced.  It is quite common for me to recieve spiritual guidance from your loved ones which I will pass on to you.  I will make notes.

For the next 24 hours I will ask you to drink pleny of water and just relax.


The next day you may feel more energised and cheerful, but please still take things easy, this energy will subside in a few days.  Or you may not feel any different,  again this does not mean that the healing has not worked......


How many treatments should I have?  A healing can happen in seconds if you are ready to heal! I would expect most people to have at least 3 - 4 treatments to feel a difference and if more were needed then I am happy to negotiate on the cost.


Also available - Indian Head massage (please click on the tile at the top for more information) .


The Cost:

First Treatment - £35

Treatments thereafter £25  or book 4 treatments for £95

More than 4 treatments the price is negotiable!


By Law I have to say I am not allowed to diagnose or say I have cured!



From Tina of Chard
I have suffered with severe migraines all my adult life that would effect me with stroke like symptoms. Then I meet Paula Fisher!!! Who informed me that Indian Head massage could help. I was so desperate to try anything as nothing else had worked and it was having a great impact on my life. So I booked myself in with Paula for my Indian Head massage. It was very soothing and relaxing and I felt wonderful but I thought only time will tell if it worked. That was four months ago and I have had a few more Indian Head massages since. People it works haven't had a migraine since. Thanks to this very special lady thank you Paula xxx



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