Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Healer- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Healer- Teacher

September 2013


" Paula Jackson - What can I say!!!......

I have been having clairvoyant readings with Paula for several years now and the accuracy of the information and guidance that she gives never ceases to astound me.

Paula is not only and excellent Medium she has great empathy and understanding for her clients and great sensitivity and compassion for your grieving and people going through changes and/or crisis in their lives. Her guidance is always given honestly and from the heart.

Paula is not only an amazing clairvoyant and card reader but has also become a much treasured friend."

Ann Oliver xx



" I have had a private reading and psychic evening with Paula and am extremely impressed.

My private reading with Paula was Spot On!. Even the cards predicted outcomes that really did happen. I am totally amazed and the feeling of calm and happiness after my reading was wonderful.

With my psychic evening, friends were shocked and reduced to happy tears at the words of comfort, joy and reassurance from Paula. Not only is she superb at what she does, she is a really nice, down to earth person that instantly makes you feel at ease. I cannot reccommend Paula enough and will certainly be booking again."

Lesley of Somerset x




" You are truly amazing Paula!,

My reading was so touching, you knew things only myself and my family would know. 

The message from my Grandad will stay with me forever.  I thankyou for giving me the hope and insight thay my life was going to get better and my dreams would be fulfilled. It was the biggest confidence boost ever.  You are a true angel..........."

Rach of Somerset



"I've attended a party with Paula and was blown away...... and unexpectedly emotional.

Fantastic.... So I had a private session, of which I'd reccommend to anyone.

Thankyou Paula xx"

Hayley Tigerfly



"I met Paula through one of her Medium/Clairvoyant parties with a number of my girlfriends.

From the moment she spoke to me she put me at ease.

Paula was happy to talk about her background and her gift openly, which gave me a sense personally of feeling that I knew her and could trust her, and was not disappointed!

With Paula their is no teasing of information, just what she is given, feels and is told through mediumship.  What Paula told me about could be coming up now and links to my loved ones.

I will continue to see this wonderful, warm lady for all my spiritual guidance."

Rachel W of Somerset



"I've had several readings with Paula and also hosted an angel party and a day of readings in my house.  I've always found Paula accurate, lovely and she makes you feel positive and spiritually fulfilled.


I recommend Paula to several of my friends and never heard anyone dissappointed, so I have no problem with recommending Paula 100%."

Sharon of Yeovil Somerset




N.B All these testimonials are written as they were given to me.

I would like to thank all my clients over the last 28 years for all the continued love and support they have given me.  I am humbled by your words and just remind you that my messages of love and support  are given spiritually from your loved ones and gaurdian angels, who love you dearly and are never far away, I have the personal honour of passing them on.

Love Paula xxx
















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Paula Jackson-Psychic Medium




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