Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Healer- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Healer- Teacher

Dr Mikao Usui Reiki Master

Theology Teacher in Japan

Rediscoverd Reiki in the 1900's


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What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is Japanese and means 'Universal Life Force Energy'.

Universal life force energy means everything that is natural of the universe that is living.

Therefore the energy comes from the earth itself:- plants, flowers, food, crystals, animals, stars, sun, moon other planets, sacred spaces, water, air everything that is love and of the light.

Evil cannot exist within it.


Dr Mikao Usui a theology teacher at the University of Kyoto rediscoverd Reiki in the 1900's.

You will learn his story and his work when you attend the course.


You will be attuned to Reiki with sacred symbols by me your Master Teacher which enables you to channel Reiki energy for the good of all.

People who have not had an attunement will not be channelling Reiki.

I will not teach more than 4 people at any one time and you will recieve a full manual with each course and a certificate with proof of your liniage that stems from Dr Usui himself.

You wil be expected to self heal for 21 days before you work with others and I your teacher will be supportive and checking up on you during this time and on hand after in case of any queries or problems you may have.


I love being a healer and am dedicated to it and to you my earth angels.

I look forward to making your aquaintence and making a new friend.

Reiki I Course

This course will enable you to channel healing for yourself and pass onto friends, family and animal friends.  Reiki one has to be completed before Reiki II and III.

In the first level of Reiki you will learn:-

  • History of Reiki
  • 5 Reiki Principles
  • The Chakra Energy System
  • Meditation
  • How to Channel Reiki
  • Reiki Attunement
  • Hand placements
  • Hands on healing

The course is one whole day with no more than 3/4 other people.

You will be given a manuel to take home.

Please bring something to contribute towards lunch which we all share.

Held in my home in Somerset in a spiritual environment.

We will have an enjoyable day where friends will be made for life!

COST  £80 for the day.

Reiki II Course

Reiki II is for those who would like to become a Reiki Practitioner.  It should be completed at least three months after your Reiki one attunement.  Each attunement takes at least three months for your body to adjust to it.


With the second course you will be given and shown 3 of the 4 sacred Reiki symbols and shown how to use them and what they can be used for in detail.


Reiki II aids healing on a deeoer lever to Reiki I and is more powerful increasing confidence, creativity, awareness and spiritual growth.


Its uses are limitless


Especially useful for those who are in a caring profession and working with children, adults elderly and animals.


COST £120 for a day

Reiki III Course

Reiki III is for those who have been working as a Reiki II Practitioner for at least a year, tries to live the Reiki Principals and meditates regularly.


On the course you will be told of the responcibilites of being a Reiki Master and Teacher and what is expected.


You will be shown the 4th sacred symbol and taught how to use.


As a teacher you will be advised how to teach your courses, give attunements and take care of your students.


Reiki III will help your own personal growth, increase your healing ability and spiriuality.


Your challenge will be to walk the path that is Reiki and its principals.


COST  £180 for the day



Call or Text:-

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If I do not answer I'm working so please text.  

Look Forward to your call/text. 




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