Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher

Home is Where the Heart is!

Is there a heart in your home? Mmm

Over my 30 years of working I have been asked to clear homes of stuck spirits and I have now learnt from my experiences that there is more going on. Its all about energy and how it effects you. The types of energy I am talking about are yes Spiritual but also residual left from previous owners, natural magnetic earth energies, mineral deposites, ancient sites, ley lines, underground water, energy attachments, electro magnetic fields, buriels, your own negative energy or that of someone you live with and much more. When these energies are negatively charged it may have an effect on your own energy. 

The effects for being affected by negative energy are:-

  • your home doesnt feel right
  • your home doesnt look right
  • cold and possible in one room
  • people dont visit or stay long
  • you would rather be out and dont look forward to coming home
  • dont sleep well, you or your family
  • the energy in your home does not feel right at all
  • You feel or see a presence or your child/pet does
  • you, your family or pet feels stressed and is over reactive
  • You became ill since moving in or a family member has
  • Your previous illness has become worse
  • You feel drianed and tired at home
  • Your illness has not responded to treatments
  • You feel bad/ill/exhausted on waking
  • Lots of dreams, nightmares or children have night terrors
  • You/children sleep at an odd angle or edge of the bed
  • Breathing problems
  • Moods, anger, aggression, arguments, personality change
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Spooky feelings, see shadows, orbs, hear strange noises
  • Cat sleeps in weird places
  • problem neighbours
  • stressed relationships and more........

Interested then the next thing to do is to text me to arrange a time for me to call to have a chat about what's going on and what can be done.   


I use dowsing rods on site if you are local or dowsing crystal on your floor plan to ask at least 50 questions to find out what is causing the problems.  

A three bedroom house of normal proportions can take me approx 4 hours to clear and then I ask questions about any negative energies draining your energy.  With each negativity found I work on each one, needing to ask for details in order to clear the problem.  My helpers, angels and guides give me mediumistic instruction of what to do.  Its very powerful and clients have told me that when i'm working they can feel the energy changing. 

I have to work my way through everything negative found one by one.   I may also have some practical solutions that can work well that you can also use.  


If clients come for any of my therapies or have illness then this is something I ask them to consider as there is no point seeing any theraist if you are sleeping or sitting for hours in negative energy, or your house has soaked up lots of negativity over the years, from spirit, illness, death, divorce and stress on all levels.  Please consider clearing your homes energy.  

 What are the effects I hear you ask!   Well it can take three weeks for the energy to settle and it is possible that one layer removed reveals a second one.  Most clients feel the effect immediately telling me the house feels clearer, lighter, calmer.  They sleep for the first time, feel calmer, the children and pets are more settled.  I've had houses on the market to be sold sell after 3 weeks of clearing and they were on the market over a year.  I had one client come into a lump sum of money and peoples lives suddlenly move on.  Promotion, more money etc.    These are good signs but sometimes I might need to re dowse to find other things have come to the surface.  So patience is a virtue..... 

Promo price of £90 


Phase Two - Intuitive Feng Shui

This makes perfect sense to me that once you have cleared the negative energy you want to attract in the positive energy.  We all have ares of life that are a problem and they fall into catagories. We can chat about what areas of life need to be worked on from relationships or the lack of, family issues, ongoing health problems, lack of money, unhappy work situations, basically any life area can be worked on.  I use my dowsing eith on location or from photos to ask what should be where and how rooms can be changed in colours and furniture to raise vibration along with key objects.  It is an art in itself and I have had good result personally and with clients. Its amazing what a piece of Rose Quartze can do in the right place. Its work doing.  You have worked hard to clear negative energy so lets bring in what you DO want. 

Its a wide and varied subject and I'm very intuitive in the way I work but just looking at your home I will see problem areas straight away. There are quick solutions that I can give you first then comes the fun part.  We work together but less is more...... 





Call or Text:-

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If I do not answer I'm working so please text.  

Look Forward to your text. 




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