Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher




One to one readings - one hour         

In person at my home OR                              

On-line via    - Zoom, Facetime (messanger or Whats App) or Phone. 



One to One readings - 30 minuites -                                                                                        Tarot card reading only ( as above)                                                                                            £25


Telephone/Zoom/Facetime Readings - How can I read for you not being in my room?

Being a medium clairvoyant and clairsentiant means that I communicate directly with spirit, your loved ones, my guides and our angels.  They are an energy and vibration that I am able to communicate with and recieve information from them just like a satalite.                              It does not matter where you are in the world I can still make a connection to you because spirit is energy and I am the telephonist plugging myself into the energy - satalite switchboard for the spirit world.  I can speak to you in France, Holland, Scotland and in 2022 South Africa and still get fabulous communication.                                                                              Over the last 30 years plus, I have been working this way internationaly for clients.                For me it's no different and exactly the same as a one to one for one hour or 30 minuites.      Please book in the usual way via text to 07780207404  and payment is on booking please. 

When the payment and appointment booked we will dicide the best way of contact etc. I need your email address to send you my Legal 'Terms and Conditions'.  

I do not allow recording but you can take notes. You must be over 18.



By Law I have to say that this is for' Entertainment purposes only and not scientifically proven and all readings are for scientific experiment'  and your life is in your own hands and please do not use spiritual readings to run your life.                                                            I will not be held responcible for your decisions as a result of your reading.  

Please also make sure you are not suffering mental health problems or are deemed vulnerable in any way.                                                                                                                *If you are concerned then please ask advice of Family, Friends or your GP. This does not replace professional advice ever.  



Home Healing

Over my years of working I've been called to many homes and businesses to clear stuck spiritual energy or to discover the reasons for strange goings on and why children arn't sleeping and having night terrors.  Why marriages end, people cant sleep, ilnesses got worse or you've had a run of bad luck since you moved house. 

My experience led me to look further into such things and why there were reoccurances in clutches of locations.  My research led me to Ley Lines and natural magnetic lines of the earth.  My suspicions were validated and after reading books and more research it all began to make sense.  

Going back in history for hundreds of years ancient cultures knew there was a good place to build your home and a bad area to build your home.  Even thr greatest Doctor of all Hippocratees realised that earth energy could effect your health and well being.              Many countries even today employ dowsers to dowse the land before signing it off to build on.  Reseaerch is still going on as to why a street of houses, a block of flats etc have people in with the same cancer......   The dowsers, of which I am one, are able to dowse a floor plan and find the problems from Magnetic earth lines, Ley lines, Mineral deposits and faults under a property, together with other geopathic stress.   I could dedicate a whole website to this subject and its one I'm passionate about.  

Please click on the tile above for more detailed information and Feng Shui which is used to bring in good energy once we cleared the negative away.  



Call or Text:-

mob 07780207404

If I do not answer I'm working so please text.  

Look Forward to your text. 




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