Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Healer- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Healer- Teacher


Pamper Evenings

Indian Head massge, Relaxation Techniques and Lit candles to relieve stress at home!

Pamper Evenings in your Home

Lit candles, angelic music and Paula's calm voice to lead you into relaxation. Good so far!

Then one by one, you and your friends will have Paula's healing hands give you an Indian Head Massage. Massaging shoulders, neck, head and face using Botanicals Facial oils.

Botanicals skin products are 'Natural, Organic and not tested on animals'.

The massage lasts approx 15 mins per person and is a taster  (a full Indian Head massage which takes approximately 40mins).  I promise you will not be dissappointed!                         To learn more about Indian head Massage and it benefits please click on the Healing Tile at the top of the page to learn more.

I will bring along brochures for Botanicals products to place orders.

The price per person will differ depending on where you live. 

Chard in Somerset, local to my home is £12 per person (HOSTESS FREE)

15 min drive outside Chard will be £15 each or more if further affield 

Payment will be made via bank Transfer a week in advance ( to guarentee attendance)

£10 non refundable. Min of 8 people attending. 

A great way to de-stress, let go and spoil you for a change. Nurture you first!!!!!!! 

PSYCHIC MORNING - 6th May 2017

Crewkerne Antiques Emporium - 10am-1pm

I will be doing one to one readings along side 3 other local psychics. 

Tarot/Numerology 25mins £25 

Book your slot on the day. 

Browse the Antiques and have a cuppa whilst you wait.  Look forward to seeing you! 


Paula Jackson became Mrs Fisher

22nd October 2016 I became Mrs Fisher.

After nearly five years with my partner we decided it was time to jump the broom.

We are blissfully happy and our day surpassed our expectations. The sun shon its glory on us and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.  And yes it was all predicted................

I am in the process of changeing my name over to Fisher  

Bach Flower Remedies


In April of 2016 I qualified in Bach Flower Remedies.  Having used them for years with good results, this was a dream fulfilled.  I'm a landscape gardeners daughter and was bought up in the Kent countryside and appreciated all that nature had to offer and inherited green fingers. I believe in this day and age, with NHS resources stretched, that we need to take as much responcibility for our own health as is possible, from relaxation, exercise, diet and natural remedies from ancient cultures.  Dr Bach was a Spiritual and forward thinking man.  He would rather know the type of person that had a disease and how it made them feel and why they manifested it, than just treat the dis-ease within the body.  The same thinking as 'Hippocratese' and mine too.  He discovered 38 remedies for a number of emotional imbalances which can be used individually or together to bring the soul and emotional being back into balance.  Promotional price of £15 (inc consultaion & remedy.  Consultation can be in person or over the phone.  Also includes postage.

To learn more please click on the Healing Tab at the top of the page and then the Bach Flower remedy tile on that page.  Bach Flower remedies are used now by  some GP's and are the most investigated form of natural healing by the government.  So watch this space..............

Indian Head Massage

I'm delighted to have qualified in December 2015.

I was taught the traditional practice of the massage, which is still practiced in India today in most villages and family homes.

Indian head massage works on the shoulders, neck, head and face.  Working with the Chakra and Meridian energy system, therefore working on the whole body. Massaging the Lymph glands releases toxins and may inturn help the body to heal itself.

The massage takes approx 30 mins and I'm offering this at a promotional price of £20 instead of the usual £35.

To learn more about the practice please click on the Healing tab at the top of the page and then click the Indian head Massage tile. 

By law I have to say 'May' be able to heal,  not 'Will' and I always advise you to seek professional medical advice. 


The celebration of my dear Dad's life, who passed to the world of spirit on 22nd March 2015.

He has already made his presence felt.  This dear man was an inspiration and the kindest, most gentle man you could ever meet.  His family was his life.   He lives on with us in a different room but not gone. He is at peace now but not resting.  xxx

Tea Leaf Reading Party in Yeovil - June 2014   A wonderful afternoon had by all with wonderfull cake, mmmm Thankyou xxx


Tea Leaf Readings - 2nd August 2014

At the Antiques Bazaar Crewkerne

The Old Textile Mill, South Street, Crewkerne  (Next to the Factory shop)


A Vintage day to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Antiques Bazaar .

Everything Vintage, From Cars, Furniture, Jewellery, Clothing and Me.


I had a wonderful day and was kept busy reading the leaves with some amazing results.

I would like to Thank everyone at the 'Antiques Bazaar' for having me be part of your special day and to all who I had the pleasure of reading the leaves for.   



Call or text:-

mob 07780207404

If I do not answer I'm working so please text.  

Look Forward to your call/text. 



Paula Jackson-Psychic Medium




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