Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Therapist- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)

Psychic Medium

I am a 'natural' psychic medium with an inherited gift.

My experience spans my whole life and continues to evolve as my own life unfolds. My ability to see and sense spirit energy is something I was born with.

Working within the Spiritualist Church has provided me with a good background of experience and practice of mediumship, clairvoyance and healing.

My readings consist of messages of proof and guidance from your loved ones in spirit. I use Numerology & Tarot cards to finish my reading which give added details and advice.

Numerology Readings

Pythagorus was a Greek Mathmatician who discovered that each letter of the alphabet equates to a number and by adding those numbers together it is possible to do a reading. I find numerology very useful to help make a connection to a person and connect to the spirit world.  I will write via e.mail or record my reading and send it via e.mail.   

I will need your full name, date of birth and how old you are. 

Please e.mail me on

Payment can be made by Paypal or Bacs.  details will be given on booking and payment must be made on booking.


Your choice of readings:

*Readings 1 2 1 at my home  OR

*1 2 1 on line via Video call on via

*Whats App/Zoom/Messenger  OR

Land Line Call.

It will be you calling me for an hour if on line or phone. 


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Taken by Paula Fisher - Our Monty in Meditation


I  am a qualfied Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Qualified in Indian Head Massage and a Bach Flower Remedy Consultant,  Colour Therapy,                  Angel Flower Therapy &                           Past Life Regression Therapy

Energy therapies can work vibrationally even at a distance.      One 2 one sessions are  now available using my Angelic Flower Therapy and Bach flower Remedies.                            Reiki and crystals are also used to charge all healing treatments.                 I can have a personal consultation with you via Zoom or Face time.             *For more information on these services please see the approriate pages on the Therpies page captions.

My spiritual healing was learnt through the teaching of the Corinthian Spiritualist Church and also a qualified Reiki Master practitioner and teacher. 

I have the ability to channel energy that works naturally with the energy of your own body, balancing the spiritual, mental, emotional and the physical levels within your body so transformations can take place within you and your life.  Your body knows what it needs to rebalance and be at peace, by us both stepping out the way to allow energy that is pure love to gently flow through me and you, all that is past and present can be released and the future transformed.

I have assistance from the 'Spirit and Angelic world' when I work and have had great results.

My home in Somerset is my spiritual sanctuary, a peaceful, light and magical space dedicated to my work.  A place angels can rest and feel safe.

Indian Head Massage                               This ancient prectice has be taught to me they way it is traditioanlly taught and used in India. I also use my Reiki in conjunction, so you recieve the best of everything I have to use to help your body rebalance itself. Please click on the Therapies tab at the top and then the Indian head massage tile on that page for more information. 

Bach Flower Remedy Consultant      I'm now delighted to add to my therapy tools a qualification in Bach Flower Remedies.  Having used them myself for many years and knowing how brilliantly they work this  was a must for me to do.  The Remedies are gentle and natural and can be used for the elderly, adults, teenagers, children, babies. Anyone with special needs and our pet friends. To read more please click on the Therapies tab at the top of this page and then the Bach Flower Remedy tile on the Indian Head Massage Page.  

I not only work with people but I love to work with animals too.  


Colour Therapy was a must do for me. 

I love colour and know its energy, psychology and vibrational energy to rebalance the body.  

The colours you wear, love and hate tell me about your past presnt and future and what colour you need to bring in around you to attract in the energy vibrations and change you need for a better self and in turn life.  I can advise on clothes, decor in the home with a little intuitive 'feng shui' thrown in. I am a colour consultant for your wardrobe and home.  

Angelic Flower therapist and readings.

I have had so much contact with nature as a child and growing up and this opportunity was one I couldn't pass up.  My Dad a Landscape Gardener and my Mum a Florest, I had plants and flowers around me all my life.  The Place |I feel closest to joy and happiness apart from my family, is in a garden or garden centre surrounded by the beauty, colour and fragrance of flowers.  Natures treasure chest of healing and absolute perfection.                                                Want to read more then click on the tile above.  


My Latest Therapy to offer is                       Past Life Regression Therapy        This is a subject thats has fascinated me for years as an 8 year old I would draw War ship Galleons..... I had my own regression experience and loved it. I have also had clients tell me their children have got past life memories.  It is an ancient belief and practised as a therapy still in many cultures.  My own learning has proven its benefit to many releasing blocks from these past lives can have many benefits and change ingrained fears and phobias, OCD, panic attacks, unanswered pain, nightmares, you name it.  


By law I cannot say that I can diagnose or cure.  Reiki Is Scientifically proven and the NHS now employ Reiki Practitioners on a salary to work within the medical realms.  The Government is very interested in Bach Flower remedies and Dr Bach of the 1920's and today             Dr Tressider a retired GP in Somerset know their worth and teach medical practitioners. Please click the Therapy tile. 

THERAPIES DO NOT REPLACE YOUR NEED TO TAKE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.                   Legally I cannot state I can diagnose or heal. 


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I love to teach what I have learnt and am always spiritually guided.   

Meditation is where it all begins. Learning to relax completely, step back and trust your inner voice. Meditation aids the body in rebalancing its energies, lowers blood pressure and is the starting place for you to reach your spiritual self and aid transformation and change.


Reiki Attunements I, II and Master III

   As a Reiki Master I love to teach and attune you earth angels to Reiki.  This is a very humbling experience for me and a huge priviledge as I love Reiki so much and all that it stands for.  Part of the courses will be run on line and the attunment and healing practice will only be done at my home in Somerset. I do not do distant attunements. 

I run workshops on all areas of my work from  Healing, Angels, Colour, Animal Communication and Tea leaf reading.  Always light hearted and fun, held at my home so you can feel relaxed in a peaceful environment.                          On Line is via zoom. 

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