Paula Fisher (nee Jackson) Psychic - Medium - Healer- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)  Psychic - Medium - Healer- Teacher
Paula Fisher (nee Jackson)

Psychic Medium

I am a 'natural' psychic medium with an inherited gift.

My experience spans my whole life and continues to evolve as my own life unfolds. My ability to see and sense spirit energy is something I was born with.

Working within the Spiritualist Church has provided me with a good background of experience and practice of mediumship, clairvoyance and healing.

My readings consist of messages of proof and guidance from your loved ones in spirit. I use Tarot cards to finish my reading which give added details and advice.

Your choice of readings:

Phone, one to one, skype, party (local)

Evening of clairvoyance in your home (local only)

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Taken by Paula Fisher - Our Monty in Meditation


I  am a qualfied Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Qualified in Indian Head Massage and a Bach Flower Remedy Consultant

My spiritual healing was learnt through the teaching of the Corinthian Spiritualist Church and also a qualified Reiki Master healer and teacher. 

I have the ability to channel healing that works naturally with the energy of your own body balancing the spiritual, mental, emotional and the physical levels of energy so transformations can take place within you and your life.  Your body knows what it needs to heal and be at peace, by us both stepping out the way to allow energy that is pure love to gently flow through me and you, all that is past and present can be released and the future transformed.

I have assistance from the 'Spirit and Angelic world' when I work and have had great results.

My home in Somerset is my healing sanctuary, a peaceful, light and magical space dedicated to my work.  A place angels can rest and feel safe.

Indian Head Massage is a recent addition to my practices and has be taught to me they way it is traditioanlly taught and used in India. I also use my Reiki in conjunction, so you recieve the best of everything I have to use to help your body heal itself. Please click on the healing tab at the top and then the Indian head massage tile on that page for more information. 

Bach Flower Remedy Consultant      I'm now delighted to add to my healing tools a qualification in Bach Flower Remedies.  Having used them myself for many years and knowing how brilliantly they work this  was a must for me to do.  The Remedies are genttle and natural and can be used for the elderly, adults, teenagers, children, babies. Anyone with special needs and our pet friends. To read more please click on the healing tab at the top of this page and then the Bach Flower Remedy tile on the Indian Head Massage Page.  

I not only work with people but I love to work with animals too.  


By law I cannot say that I can diagnose or cure!

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I love to teach what I have learnt and am always spiritually guided.

Meditation is where it all begins. Learning to relax completely, step back and trust your inner voice. Meditation aids healing, lowers blood pressure and is the starting place for you to reach your spiritual self and aid transformation and change.

Learn to heal yourself in this place of complete peace, join my healing group. We meet once every two weeks in my home so we can work on you together and be with other like minded people. I will teach you to relax, meditate and give you the tools to help you to help yourself and to focus on what you do want and not on what you don't.  Life long friends are made in this evironment of love and gentleness.  Lots of fun and laughter too!

Reiki Attunements I, II and Master III As a Reiki Master I love to teach and attune you earth angels to Reiki.  This is a very humbling experience for me and a huge priviledge as I love Reiki so much and all that it stands for.

I run workshops on all areas of my work from  Healing, Angels, Colour, Animal Communication and Tea leaf reading.  Always light hearted and fun, held at my home so you can feel relaxed in a peaceful environment.

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